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Learn How to Keep them Safe

Approximately 26,000 dogs die yearly from Dog Collar Strangulation (that we know of) and this is a very old statistic, I estimate those numbers are a lot higher.  We hope that with educating others, and asking for change in the pet industry...we can educate others, prevent needless deaths, and others from this heartbreaking journey of losing their beloved fur baby due to dog collar strangulation.  

Play & Park Safety

When dogs play, collars should be OFF.  Play biting, fences, and the like can become lethal dangers quickly. 


Removing your dogs collar during play is the safest option.

If you need a collar the KeepSafe collar is the best option because it will break away when tension is applied.  

We also recommend that you microchip your dogs.  Please make sure dog parks have emergency tools on hand like industrial strength scissors and bolt cutters.

The Dangers

The reality is, dogs can get seriously injured, or die while wearing a collar in a kennel/crate, while playing, or when unattended with a dog collar on.  The #1 reported collar accident is play biting. 

When you watch your dog play with others, they bite at the neckline, or the "snapping turtle biting."  Jaws, teeth, and paws can all easily get entangled in a collar quickly.  This is how Ryder died.  Skyrah's jaw got entangled in Ryder's collar...her tooth got stuck in the fabric, and he was strangled. 

Dog collars can get entangled just about anywhere...fences, heater vents, kitchen knobs, door knobs, wood slats, kennels and crates...just to name a few.  This could easily happen to your pup if you leave your dogs collar on during play, or when unattended. 

Home Safety

We love fancy decorative collars like the next person, and choosing a collar is a personal decision.  Since Ryder's tragic accident we only use the KeepSafe Pet Safe collar now. 

We hope that you will consider the dangers that lurk when dogs play, and live with their collars on. 


We advocate for everyone to microchip their dogs.  Dog collars are great, they hold the tags that let people know who they belong to if they should get lost. 


However, those same collars can get caught, and become a deathtrap for your beloved dog.

Common Collar Hazards


Kennels & Crates

Dog collars can get caught, and hung up in a kennel or crate and strangle your beloved pet.  Remember to remove collars when you kennel/crate your dog for safety and to prevent collar strangulation.


Deck Slats

Dogs lay down on wood decks, and their tags can fall between the slats getting caught, and strangulate them quickly.  Remove collars when dogs are home alone unattended for safety.



Door knobs, bed springs, handles on Lazy Boy Chairs, Kitchen knobs, (anything a collar can catch on) in your home.  We recommended dogs wear a breakaway collar (or) collars are removed while they're home alone unattended.

heat vent.png

Heater Vents

Dogs lay on heater vents, and their tags, or collar can get stuck in between the vents making it difficult for dogs to break free causing collar strangulation.  We recommended Breakaway Collars or remove collars when your dog(s) home along unattended to prevent collar strangulation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 11.56.33

Play Biting

During play, dogs start running, jumping, and it only takes a moment for a jaw to move the wrong way, and before you know it they are entangled in the collar with their jaw.  Dog strangulation can occur.  This is one of the most common ways collar strangulation happens.  We recommended removing collars during play.  If your dog must wear a collar, wear a breakaway collar that will break away when tension is applied.



If you have a dog that is a fence jumper, or try's to jump a fence their collar can get caught on the fence causing them to hang themselves and dog collar  strangulation occurs.  We recommended removing collars during play.  If your dog must wear a collar, wear a breakaway collar that will break away when tension is applied.

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