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Emergency Kits

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In Memory of Gracie - Please invest in the following if you are a dog park, doggie daycare, training facility, veterinary clinic, pet shop, dog groomer, any dog event group/club, Kennel Club etc.  Anywhere there are dogs playing, staying, etc. you should have an emergency kit available at all times.
Emergency Kits

If you chose to play with collars on or allow your dog to play with dogs with collars on, you should have an emergency tool kit. If you kennel/crate dogs, you should have an emergency kit.  This tool kit contains what you need to cut a collar off in case of an emergency. 

Emergency Kit "Must Haves"


  1. A pair of industrial scissors with ability  to cut through leather, nylon and fabric collars.

  2. A bolt cutter to cut through chain collars (we recommend at least a 14" to get around most chain collars/ "O" rings)



Be sure to test your tools. We have found bolt cutters that smash a chain collar,

but do not cut through on first effort.  Always best to be safe, and prepared.

A Life-Saving Investment

These tools are available at any hardware store. We purchased both and the tool box pictured for less than $40. This small investment could have a large payout - it could save your best friend's life. If the daycare where Gracie died would have had these tools onsite the day a dog's jaw got tangled in her collar she would be alive today.


For Gracie's Sake, (and all dogs) please have the proper tools readily available in case of an emergency. We pray you never need them, but you need to be prepared. 


This page is dedicated in loving memory to Gracie, who lost her life due to a dog collar strangulation at a doggie daycare. There was no emergency kit on hand.  These items could have saved her life. 

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