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Breakaway Collar vs Quick Release Collar

We lost our dog Ryder Jackson to dog collar strangulation on October 24th, 2018. I had never heard of dog collar strangulation prior to October 24th, and never knew the dangers of dog collars. #Rydersafe #skryahsstory I now advocate for dog collar safety education, and dog safety.

Today I want to discuss the difference between a "Quick Release Collar" and a "Breakaway Collar". Ryder was wearing a quick release collar the day that he died tragically. Skyrah moved one way, Ryder moved the other and Skryah's jaw caught on Ryder's collar....he alligator rolled and was entangled. Skyrah's tooth was stuck on the collar too. Neither dog could get loose...and they both struggled for their life. Sadly, Ryder died (he was strangled) and Skyrah survived. We're heartbroken Ryder died, and thankful Skyrah survived. Many times one or both dogs die in these scenarios.

The collar Ryder was wearing was a "Quick Release" collar which only comes undone at the hands of a human. Period. The collar does NOT quick release in an emergency situation, if caught on something else, if stuck or entangled etc. The quick release collar will ONLY come undone when a human "un-clicks" the collar. I recently saw a quick release collar that has a lock on it - to me that is the "collar of death" having a locked collar of any type on a dog. In an emergency, you want a collar to come off your dog quickly.

After we lost Ryder we learned about a collar called a Breakaway Dog Collar. I wished we'd known about this type of dog collar prior to losing Ryder. I would have made different choices. A Breakaway Dog collar breaks away when tension is applied to the collar. For instance, in the situation with Ryder and Skyrah - if Ryder had of been wearing a Breakaway collar - the collar would have snapped apart - and Ryder would still be with us today.

You can learn more about Breakaway Collars by watching our Youtube Video or visiting we have several video's posted.

Below is a video of how the dog collar works when caught on a fence...this is a common scenario. This collar works the same way when caught on furniture, deck slats, heater grates, dog doors, door knobs comes apart when tension is applied.

We hope this information help keeps you and your pets safe.

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