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Veterinarians, Rebounds, and the Front Desk

I’ve been thinking a lot about our veterinarian, a day in their world, their patients, and the front desk. These guys work long hours, love animals (most of them), care about so many patients, and worry about many on a daily basis. Their minds are always going through a variety of scenarios when trying to help a dog that’s sick when “Plan A” isn’t working, and trying to figure out what else something might be. I’ve seen a lot of things the past 10 days while being at our vet clinic almost daily during the weekdays, and weekends visiting our foster dog that’s been very sick. (I’ll share his story in a moment).

As I’ve been watching so many happenings at the clinic while I’ve been waiting on our sweet foster dog, it got me thinking about Veterinarians, rebounds, and their front desk. In the span of 10 days I’ve seen a lot at our veterinary clinic.

I met a man right after Thanksgiving whose senior dog had just made it through surgery, and the joy, and heavy heart from waiting were very apparent when I spoke with him. I’m thankful I was able to let him know how happy I was to hear his dog survived, and was going to be spending more time with his very caring owner.

A few days later when I was at the clinic, a group of ladies had walked out of the treatment room, in tears. You could feel their grief. I know that grief all to well. They had just lost their beloved dog and were heart broken. In that moment, I didn’t know what else to do, other than reach out, and just give them all a big hug, and share my condolences for the loss of their beloved fur family member. As they were walking out the door, in comes this wonderful family with five lovely children, and a Bassett Hound puppy. We all stopped, and smiled and were in adoration of this sweet new life. That moment with the puppy brought them some comfort for the loss they just experienced.

Another day while I was waiting, there was a lady at the front desk who was angry about her bill, yelling at the front desk staff. This staff member is one of the kindest people there, with such a good heart. As I was watching this moment, I was impressed with how well she handled that entire moment. She was gracious, kind, compassionate, and understanding to the woman that was belittling, and yelling at her.

The clinic is busy non-stop daily. People are coming in with sick dogs, healthy dogs, new puppies, end of life for senior dogs, dogs that have had accidents etc. I have to say, our Veterinarians at Cascade Vet Clinic are amazing (as are all Veterinarians who have a love, and passion for what they do each day).

Now for the rebound that happens daily for Veterinarians. We’re in the waiting room, waiting. Others are in the treatment rooms waiting. Our Veterinarian is running around in the backroom taking care of not just one fur family member, but many. They’re navigating what’s wrong with this pet, or that dog, or this cat…. they’re prepping for surgery, another emergency comes in, someone’s just lost their beloved pet and they’re devastated, someone else walks in with a brand new puppy, a trauma happens, an accident somewhere…. there are so many things happening all at once.

When they walk into the treatment room to see you, yes YOU and your beloved pet....they have rebounded, and they are there for you! They are there in that moment for your dog, cat, etc. They’re happy, smiling, and ready to help the next patient. Their mind is focused on you. They’ve rebounded. They’ve rebounded exponentially fast too! This moment is about you, and your pet. This is their day, their weekend, their evening…most Veterinarians don't do this for the money; they do their jobs for the love of pets, animals, and helping them and their owners. It’s a passion.

For the past 10 days our foster dog has been battling diarrhea pretty badly. He’s been very sick. I suspect that the people who “gave him up for free” knew they had a sick dog, and passed him along. We love this dog after a few moments with him. I’ve seen a lot each day while at the clinic, and I just wanted to do a shout out the Veterinarian’s at Cascade Vet!

They have made accommodations for Charlie our foster to stay at the clinic, and help us figure out why he’s so sick, and has such horrible diarrhea. They have been kind, caring, compassionate, and committed, like we are to help get him on the path to healing. I don’t know what the outcome is yet, as I sit here typing this post…. but I do know they’re doing everything they can to help figure out what’s going on with his system…while they continue to rebound through their day… of many animals needing care for one reason, or another. I also know he’s in good hands.

Our veterinarian and their staff have been amazing over the years. We've lost several dogs to old age, a horse to colic, kidney disease, heart failure, and Ryder to dog collar strangulation. Our veterinarian has suffered with each of our losses, he has shed tears with us through the losses, and smiles of joy when a new life was brought into our family. He has become a part of our family, and journey and so has the clinic.

Remember, the next time you’re visiting your veterinarian, say thank you to them. Be kind to their front desk. Remember, they’re rebounding non-stop, all day long, and they’re there for you with a smile, compassion, and a mission to help your pet’s wellness. On those days, in those moments when the news isn’t good…. their hearts break with yours for each of their patients. Then, they rebound again…. to be there for everyone. I can only imagine how heavy their hearts are when they go home at the end of the day…. and they wake up the next day to return…. because they have one of the biggest hearts out there that I’ve seen.

What I’ve learned through our journey of loss…each time your heartbreaks and shattered, the cracks remain. Through those cracks more light comes in…and allows more love to grow. I’m sure they have one of the biggest hearts of all, because they go through so much with each of their patients.

Thank you to our Veterinarian, and to ALL Veterinarians. We’re truly grateful for each of you, the love you put into our animals, the losses you suffer with us, and the grace you give each patient as you continually rebound through your day. Thank you for rebounding to help Charlie too! We're praying that all will go well, and we know that you're committed to his health, just like we are.

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